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One of my favorite things to read in an email from potential couples is when they want to combine my ministry and officiating duties with Tipsy. It never gets old the look on guests faces when they realize the gal who just married the couple, is now slinging the beer.

Rhianna originally had the idea to just elope, her and her main man, in a super simple ceremony. Happily, though, their families really wanted to participate, despite being hundreds of miles away. With about 20-ish of their closest, the couple exchanged vows in front of The Gray Dove's signature fireplace with a mini reception with Tipsy serving a couple amazing drinks. The micro wedding was followed by dinner downtown and more family photos to be remembered for years to come.

This couple got one of the first few cool day's temperature wise, giving us a glimpse into the fall season and she knocked it out of the park with decor, her gown and their love. Congratulations to the new couple and we wish a world of happiness!

Photography: Celestial Photography

Venue: The Gray Dove

Coordination: Perfectly Planned by Amy

Officiant / Cocktails / Mobile Bar: Tipsy Tin

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Morgan & Daniel have got to be one of my favorite couples we've had the honor of being part of their wedding day. Morgan was the easiest bride, always communicated well and just overall had such excitement for this event that she really saw the beauty in the day, not the details. We love a couple who understands the overall goal for the day is their marriage, not the day itself.

Daniel adores Morgan. That's just evident in every picture that Lili took. Not only did they have one of the most beautiful bridal parties, but the groomsmen weren't too shabby either ha-ha. Morgan's gown is probably my favorite gown any of our brides have worn either (and we're at like 200 weddings), the movement, the fit, the color, everything was just perfect for her, and she just radiated beauty.

The glow walking down the aisle was real for the whole squad on this one. Here's a little secret, we ALWAYS watch the ceremonies. It's one of our little treasures for the day. Plus, we're able to prep and be ready to go when the crowd flows to the bar post-ceremony.

Music, drinks and sparklers ended a beautiful evening. We wish Morgan & Daniel a lifetime of happiness and again, thank you for allowing us to be a small but important part of your special day.

Photography: Lili B Photography

Mobile Bar & Cocktails: Tipsy Tin

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Yes, Mobile Bars are a LUXURY service but it's worth it!

1. EXPERIENCE | Bartenders are the one vendor that interacts with every single guest during your event. Having a beautiful mobile bar with a fantastic service team and memorable cocktails creates an experience for EVERY guest. We promise your guests will talk about us for months after your event and even book us for their upcoming events.

2. FLEXIBILITY | Our mobile bars roll in, ready to go. this means that we can serve from anywhere our mobile bar fits. add one of our bars to a garden party, a beautiful terrace, a backyard BBQ, inside a bar, on the street for your block party ... you name it, we can be there!

3. FRESH INGREDIENTS | Our cocktails & mocktails are FRESH and unique. Our garden to glass menu features dehydrated fruits, fresh herbs from our garden, and homemade juices. You aren't getting syrupy margarita mix with us - you get fresh in-house lime and lemon juice, our infused syrups are *chefs kiss* too

4. FREEDOM | You can enjoy the party! Tell us where to park (at a lot of our preferred venues we know exactly where to go and follow their rules and regulations on where we can and cannot park) and we will handle the rest. Our experienced bartenders will keep the drinks flowing all night and keep an eye on the needs of your guests. This means you can dance the night away, socialize, enjoy, and drink!

5. EXTEND THE THEME | We'll add some fun details or add on a balloon garland or lounge rental through us that will make your event stand out and drive home your aesthetic.

BONUS! Add to the bottom line that our mobile bars and our bartenders are licensed AND insured to the highest levels. Plus, our cocktail menu is trademarked and only for our clients on their special day.

Mobile bars are an investment in your wedding day that your guests will remember for a lifetime! Not to mention that our bars make the perfect backdrop for wedding photos.

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