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Welcome to SIXTEEN25 Coaching

With a decade of experience in the wedding industry as a whole and my new entrance into the world of mobile bars over the last 4 years, the increase in my DM's for coaching and helping other entrepreneurs has nothing but increased.  SIXTEEN25 Coaching is now available to all new business owners (even seasoned ones).  Stay tuned for Reels, TikTok, YouTube videos and more helping you and business thrive. 


Prosecco Package | $175/hr

This is an entrance into the world of mobile bars and bartending.  I'll help you take the correct steps to start your business, find the resources you need and answer questions you have.


Shot Talking Package | $300/hr

Allowing you to chat or meet in person with my seasoned relationships and asking expanding questions and gain knowledge for businesses you weren't sure how to connect with.


Taking Vows Package | $600/hr

I will bring in my attorneys, accountants and other costly professionals on my dime to help get the answers to the serious questions - if you're looking into trademarks, this is for you!

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